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Culture change done right!

Shift organisational culture at a pace that suits your needs, whilst statistically measuring the change with evidence based behavioural trackers

Welcome to miPWR

Unlock your potential. Your way.

miPWR empowers every individual, team, community, and organisation across the world to unlock their personal potential


What is miPWR?

miPWR is a Performance Platform that raises awareness, and helps people take responsibility for their decisions and actions

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Diagnostic tools

Access profilers and assessments to delve deep into behaviours and capabilities, raising awareness of the current state

Tailored learning paths

Unlock bespoke development programmes to support growth in the areas that matter most

Goal Achievement

Ongoing support and encouragement with regular in-the-moment reminders and notifications

Powerful Ai

miPWR is underpinned by world-class artificial intelligence, which tailors the learning experience to match individual learning sytles

Transformational tools

miPWR is home to a number of transformational tools which can unlock potential of individuals, teams and organisations

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Gain awareness of self and others

Help individuals gain insight into behavioural preferences - or in other words, how they like to interact with the world.  Improve communication and harmony by helping people take responsibility for their behaviours to achieve better outcomes.

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Create high performance teams

Help teams gain insight into their overall team effectiveness through powerful assessment and diagnostic tools that help identify gaps and opportunities, and help teams focus on areas that will bring about the biggest improvements.

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Empower leaders of the future

Help leaders to make long lasting improvements to their leadership capabilities, by navigating through a  process of critical analysis and self-discovery, supported by a laser-like focus on the development areas that matter most to them.

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