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The Human Effectiveness System

CODE 3i” takes a unique approach to accelerating personal, team and organisational improvement.

The accelerator methodology is sophisticated in its simplicity, helping you to:

  • iDENTIFY - know instantly where you will get the biggest return on your improvement effort.

  • iMPROVE – accelerate your development through intuitive content and delivery channels.

  • iNSTIL – build the habits that turn the techniques into permanent skills that you can apply seamlessly.

CODE-3i intelligently collates data to provide rich insights and a tailored experience that enables rapid improvement.  


Key features:

  • Achieve real-time insight into the effectiveness of your 1-2-1 conversations or meetings.

At the end of these events, users can send the deCODEr to the participants and can complete a self-assessment.  The insight, as well as handy hints will provide immediate opportunities for improvement and development.

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