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Super-charge Team performance with strategic development paths


What is Team CODE?

Team CODE is a facilitated experience that allows teams to critically analyse their current state, and collectively agree on focused development areas that will fast track them to becoming more effective as a group.


Team CODE assessment

The process involves all team members completing the Team CODE effectiveness profiler, which asks questions related to 4 key areas of high performing teams:

  1. How they 'glue' together as a team

  2. What disciplines they have to organise themselves

  3. How they collectively achieve results

  4. How motivated and inspired they are

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Team CODE profile

Team CODE effectiveness profiler provides a comprehensive report that highlights gaps, opportunities, and differences of opinions.  Each team member receives a unique report showcasing their view vs the team averages, which acts as a catalyst for constructive debate.

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Team CODE Guided experience 

The Team CODE live experience is guided by a certified CODE practitioner, who facilitates a fun and action packed workshop, filled with exercises, activities and tasks designed to bring the team profile report to life, and shine the spotlight on areas that may need to be worked on.

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Team Progress plans

The outcome of any Team CODE experience is to collectively achieve agreement on the area of development that will provide the biggest and fastest improvement in effectiveness for the team as a whole.  Team members capture team commitments in the miPWR app, helping to increase accountability and convert committments into action.

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