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Leader CODE

A self discovery and learning experience for the leaders of tomorrow

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What is Leader CODE?

Leader CODE is an intense and challenging programme that helps leaders to critically evaluate their  capabilities and behaviours, as assessed by themselves and those around them.  This programme is designed for individuals who want to take control of their future path, by making conscious changes to their behaviours, to help them on their journey to become the leader they aspire to be.


Leader CODE assessment

The LeaderCODE® profiler provides a full 360 view of leadership capabilities – self, peer, direct report and manager assessment.

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Leader CODE profile

The Leader CODE profiler assesses leadership behaviours against 32 key leadership areas, and 4 competency clusters:

  • How they Build Teams

  • How they inspire change

  • Their levels of personal excellence

  • Their focus on results

This ensures a balanced assessment that explores leadership through multiple research-backed lenses.

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Leader CODE guided experience 

Leaders participate in a guided learning experience, that helps them explore their Leadership profiles from the perspectives of those who contributed to the report.  A certified Leader CODE facilitator helps each leader to gain laser focus on the capabilities and behaviours that will serve them best, to achieve their desired outcomes, and become the leader they aspire to be.

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Leadership progress plan

LeaderCODE® enables individuals to identify the leadership capabilities that are most important to them, and helps them establish a unique development path to get there.  Leaders are able to capture development areas, commitments, metrics that will help them stay on track and maintain personal accountability for their own development.

Winding Road

Unlock development paths

Based on each unique Leadership profile, leaders can unlock an array of supporting tools and techniques to help them continue on their development journey.

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Track progress over time

With nudges and reminders to maintain focus on areas of development, as well as pulse-surveys and mechanisms to measure improvement over time, leaders are able to quantify their progress through data driven insight.

Let’s Chat

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