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Leader CODE

A self discovery and learning experience for the leaders of tomorrow

Leader CODE: Image
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What is Leader CODE?

OVERVIEW OF the tool


Leader CODE assessment

Overview of the competency based diagnostic survey, and how it uses 360 surveys

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Team CODE profile

Insert text to showcase the Leader CODE reporting suite and how it highlights gaps and opportunities for each leader

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Leader CODE Guided experience 

Provide info about the experience / what to expect

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Personal Progress plan

Provide info about each leader agreeing a personal progress plan

Winding Road

Unlock development paths

Based on your unique Leadership profile and Personal Progress Plan, unlock an array of supporting tools and techniques to help you become the leader you aspire to be

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Track progress over time

With nudges and reminders to maintain focus on areas of development, as well as pulse-surveys and mechanisms to measure improvement over time, leaders are able to quantify their progress through data driven insight

Leader CODE: Portfolio

Let’s Chat

Contact us today for n informal chat about how miPWR and Personal CODE could help you...

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Leader CODE: Contact
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