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Personal CODE

Unlock the CODE to achieving better outcomes

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Behavioural preferences

PersonalCODE explores behaviours through 4 unique lenses, helping individuals to gain a deep awareness of why they behave in a certain way.   Delegates begin to understand their natural strengths, and explore how some things might come easy to them, whilst others may be a little more challenging.

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Personal CODE profile

Personal CODE uses self-assessment diagnostic tools to gain a deep understanding of delegate behaviours, presenting the results in a way that is simple yet profound, acting as a catalyst for change.

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Guided experience 

Whilst the profile results may help a  delegate make sense of their behaviours, the true learning happens during a live guided experience, either virtual or face2face.  A certified PersonalCODE facilitator will guide the group on a self discovery journey, unlocking insight and helping shift mindset along the way.

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Flexing behaviour

A core component of PersonalCODE is flexing behaviours - or in other words, making conscious choices on how to interact in any given situation to achieve better outcomes.


Sustainable behaviour change

PersonalCODE uses push notifications and reminders delivered via the miPWR app, to help embed the learning long after the course has ended, creating life-long habits and real changes in behaviour.

Let’s Chat

Contact us today for n informal chat about how miPWR and Personal CODE could help you...

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